Navigate stringent military standards to ensure the performance, quality, and reliability of your equipment & subsystems for faster market access.

Safety and reliability are paramount in the military industry as military contractors, sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers, and the defense supply chain face stringent regulation in performance, quality, and reliability. Equipment must demonstrate reliability during all test phases and more importantly, in the battlefield, where it counts.

With over 25 years of MIL-STD testing experience, we evaluate your equipment and subsystems to extreme environmental and electromagnetic conditions to ensure the environmental hardiness, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and mission readiness of your equipment.

Military contractors worldwide are sensitive to costs, design cycles, and performance. Equipment is vigorously challenged to meet stringent MIL-STD specifications to endure the harsh environmental and electrical requirements of today’s battlefields. Our end-to-end testing capabilities, expert engineers, and single-source testing solutions help you meet demanding time-to-market needs and avoid costly design errors. From climatic and dynamic environments to electrical conditions, our streamlined testing process utilizes the latest technology and automation software to bring your product from development to end use efficiently in accordance with your compliance needs for any mission profile.

MIL Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Our end-to-end EMC testing solutions evaluate your equipment to any electromagnetic condition; helping you meet critical reliability and performance standards that bring your equipment from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.

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MIL Environmental Simulation

Our end-to-end testing solutions evaluate your equipment to extreme environmental conditions, help you navigate stringent compliance standards, and validate environmental hardiness and mission readiness of your equipment for faster market access.

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MIL Fiber Optics

We perform testing to the optical, mechanical, and environmental characteristics of your fiber optic products to validate safety, reliability, and performance.

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COTS Testing

Comprehensive vibration and shock testing ensures your Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products repackaged for military use will perform under harsh, mission critical applications.

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